Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation + Return Policy 

All Sales are Final. If you request a cancellation and your order has not yet been processed we will try to accommodate the cancellation. Our team is driven and typically begins cutting & packing orders the same day. Once an order is cut it is not available to be cancelled.


Flawed Fabric Policy 

 We have a 14-day claim window (of package delivery) for flawed fabric.  We encourage customers to inspect their package contents upon delivery to report any flaws prior to washing.  Email [email protected] as quickly as possible to ensure you are covered within the 14-day claim window.

We do our best to thoroughly look over the fabric prior to shipping.  On occasion, we may miss an imperfection in our fabric.  All flaws must be reported prior to washing and must not be a result of opening a package (ie accidental cutting of the fabric is not considered a flaw).

Fabrics that are cut, washed, or altered in any way are not eligible for a return/refund.  Examples of un-sellable conditions are: dirty, contaminated with fur/hair, or smells of smoke or other strong odors.

Some flaws are not considered a flaw in the textile industry, such as:

  • White or black spots/marks or dye blotches that are smaller than the size of a dime.
  • Imperfections (prints marks, smudges, streaks, holes) within 4 inches of the selvedge of the fabric.

Some examples of flaws that would warrant a refund or replacement:

  • Holes and/or runs in the fabric 
  • Printing issues that are larger than the size of a quarter

If you have any questions regarding our “flawed” fabric policy or to report an issue, please send an email to [email protected] We will respond as quickly as possible.

Lost, Stolen, or Damaged Packages 

We make every effort to ensure your order is fulfilled correctly and shipped using the best delivery methods available. Once an order has left the Anchor Fabrics facility and has been accepted at the post office or UPS, its fate is out of our control. If your package is lost, damaged or stolen, you must follow up with the carrier. Packages are sent USPS Priority or UPS Ground and are insured. Please contact us if you require assistance with your tracking information or need additional information.

You may use the following link to facilitate finding lost packages:



Packing Environment

Orders are packed in a smoke-free, dog friendly house.   Although we try to keep our adorable white lab, Boulder, out of the packing room,  he really enjoys being with us and sometimes sneaks in.