Hey there sewing fanatics! If you’re finding yourself on our website, it would probably be safe to assume that you like to, or are interested in, sewing. Specifically: sewing apparel. Whether the clothing pieces are for yourself, a Client, or a family member, it’s super important to sew based upon their unique measurements.

If your memory is anything like mine these days, it’s nearly impossible to retain all of these numbers just in your noggin. We thought we’d help you out by creating some easy-to-use and free printables! They are all formatted for an 8.5 x 11 (US Letter) sized piece of paper and are included in one single download. Just click, save, print and record those numbers so you can get to sewing more quickly AND accurately!


Sometimes reading a measurement chart has you wondering exactly what measurement they’re asking for. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the more common measurements for apparel sewing.

**Just remember to always keep the measuring tape as horizontal as possible. And if taking your own measurements, be sure to stand in a mirror to verify that you’re doing just that — or ask a friend or family member to help! The more accurate your measurements, the better fitting your clothing will be.

  • HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE: Measure around the fullest part of the head, just above the ears.
  • OVER BUST: Measure around the upper back, under the arms, and over the bust.
  • BUST: Measure around the fullest / largest part of the bust.
  • UNDER BUST: Measure directly under the bust.
  • WAIST: The natural waistline. NOT the belly button, or where pants are typically worn. Taken at the smallest part of the mid-section.
  • HIGH HIP: Measure around the hip bones (typically wear most youth pant/trouser patterns are drafted to hit and where some individuals prefer to wear their pants.)
  • HIP: Measure around the fullest / widest part, including your booty.
  • SIDE WAIST: Measure from the armpit down to the natural waist. (Start with your arms down. Place the measuring tape where the crease naturally lies in your arm pit, NOT all the way up into your armpit.)
  • THIGH: Measured around a single thigh, close to the crotch.
  • CALF: Measured around fullest point of calf, mid-way between knee and ankle.
  • INSEAM: Measure from the crotch to where the hem of the pants is desired.
  • ARM LENGTH: Measure from armpit to desired hem of sleeve.
  • INSIDE SHOULDER TO HEM: A “finished measurement”, measuring from top of shoulder to desired length of hem.
  • ARMPIT TO HEM: A “finished measurement”, measuring from mid-armpit to desired length of hem.

If you were hoping to see these measurements being done on a real person, Patterns for Pirates has a very in-depth blog showing you just that. Head here to read it and see all of the photos: Patterns for Pirates Blog / Measure Yourself