I am incredibly excited to announce something that we’ve been working on for a while now!  I opened Patterns for Pirates in 2014 and it felt like the only natural step was to head deeper into this amazing indie sewing community and share my love of sewing even more, but this time through fabric!

Welcome Aboard Anchor Fabrics: your new home for apparel fabrics and sewing supplies!

You might wonder why I’d ever try adding anything else to my overflowing plate? Me too… jkjkjk 😉 I absolutely love to share the love of sewing, especially helping those new to the art.  Katy and I started the monthly fabric subscription, Fabric for Pirates, 3 years ago now and have since been on the hunt for smaller wholesalers we could support through that.  I’ve been purchasing my own fabric samples from our wholesalers for a while now, which means you’ve been seeing these fabrics being used in many of our new pattern releases.

I get asked so often where my fabrics are from, and now I can pass along the support of a small wholesale business and give you the same fabrics I’m asked about at the same time!

We’ve started out with a small collection of beautiful fall inspired fabrics.  I will continue to order samples for pattern in testing and stock my favorites on the site along with pattern releases.  This way if you love a fabric I’ve sewn up and shared I will have it for you to purchase for yourself! How fun is that? I can’t wait to provide even more help for beginners trying to pair the perfect fabric to their patterns.

In each of the fabric listings, I have linked a few P4P patterns that will pair nicely with the fabrics.  This is such a useful tool for beginners, especially for those who are still working on figuring out which fabric goes with which patterns.  And of course you can always ask in either Facebook group.

Yep, there is another group now! If you’d like to join the Anchor Fabrics Facebook group, we’d love to have you!  Anchor Fabrics’ new group will be your new go-to place to share what you’ve made with your fabrics, no matter the designer or pattern!  It’s also a great way to ask questions about fabric pairing, color matching, or anything else you need advice or assistance on when it comes to our fabrics.

I’ve tried very hard to include ALLLL the important information about each fabric listed on the site for those who might not be acquainted with the different kinds of apparel fabrics.  Each listing even includes a video showcasing each fabric, so you can see more than what a photo can sometimes capture.

Our goal is to help you become more confident in selecting and purchasing fabrics from us, so you can make all of your sewing dreams come true!  We want you to bring your apparel sewing visions to life with Anchor Fabrics, no matter if you’re a experienced sewist or just starting out on your sewing journey.

I also try to show the fabrics I thought matched well together on the site for you!

I love to be able to grab a matching rib knit for cuffs, neckbands, etc.  Sometimes it’s hard to know if a burgundy color in two different fabric bases will even match one-another.  That’s why I’ve try my best to show the fabric combinations that I think work really well together to help make that easier for you. No more guess work!

One of my favorite set-ups on the Anchor Fabrics website is that we are offering everything in 1/2 yard increments!  If you just need a little bit of that matching rib for cuffs you can grab just 1/2 yard instead of a full yard.  Or if you’re colorblocking your make… just grab 1/2 yards of each color!

You can also order continuous yardage in half yard increments as well… so those pesky Peg Legs that take JUST OVER one yard… you can now order 1.5yards rather than 2 full yards.  YES!!!!

To help celebrate the Grand Opening of Anchor Fabrics, we are launching with a SITEWIDE SALE!  During the period of October 1 – 8, 2022 please enjoy 10% off of all of your purchases of our available fabrics!

Sale coupon codes will automatically pop up at the cart and you just CLICK TO APPLY. (No need to remember the codes.)

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters so you never miss out of sales and releases.  There is a sign-up form at the bottom of every page on our site.  We don’t send newsletters unless there is something new and worthy of an email, so no worries about us clogging up your email.  If you’re subscribed and never see those emails, make sure we are not being hidden into your junk or promotions folder to never be seen!

But wait, there’s more!  We’ve got even more exciting news to share!  Patterns for Pirates is also having a party!  P4P is about to hit 150K Facebook members + is having our annual Fall Pattern Sale!  Head over there to snatch up any patterns you’ve been eyeballing lately.

With the Grand Opening of Anchor Fabrics, and the Fall Sale at Patterns for Pirates happening at the same time, now is your perfect chance to stock up of fabric and patterns for the upcoming holiday sewing, fall and winter weather, and just grab whatever you’ve been swooning over!

If you have seen a make of mine that you loved the fabric and would love for me to stock it on Anchor… let me know…I might just be able to do that!

I hope you’re excited to venture into this new journey with me.  I’m hoping to make the sewing process more accessible and smoother for all those trying to learn the art of sewing and those who don’t have much time for their hobby they love.  I cannot wait to see what everyones makes with our patterns and fabrics!